Connecting to OneDrive with NiceLabel – Instructions

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Using OneDrive allows for multiple users to access and update a file. By connecting to OneDrive with Nicelabel Designer, you can use an Excel database on the drive as the database.


You will need to have upgraded to NiceLabel version 10.2 This is the version that has introduced OneDrive connectivity You will also need to have a valid OneDrive account and a target Excel file saved on the drive.


  1. Open NiceLabel Designer and open the database wizard. The last option should be a OneDrive Connection.
  1. The wizard will ask to authenticate the connection to the OneDrive account. This will open an internet window asking you to sign into your Microsoft account.
  1. Once it has been granted access, the wizard will search for any Excel files on the OneDrive. Select the desired file and continue through the setup process.
  1. Once you have located the file, you will need to manage access to it. If other users will be accessing it through NiceLabel, they will also need to be granted access to the file.
  1. Next, launch the printing solution from the WebClient. This will ask you to sign into NiceLabel with your Microsoft account in order to launch the WebClient.
  2. Once you select the solution with the OneDrive connection, it will ask you again to enter your Microsoft credentials.

If access to the spreadsheet has been properly shared, the Excel file will be displayed in the application when it is launched.

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