Connecting SATO Printers – NiceLabel Print Cloud Instructions

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Before a printer can be accessed using NiceLabel’s Print Cloud, it must first be connected to the cloud print server. The following instructions will guide you through the process of connecting your SATO printer to the NiceLabel Print Cloud. Note that this article only covers SATO printers. Zebra printers are covered in a separate article.


You will need:

  • USB drive in FAT32 format. This will be used to transfer the NiceLabel Connector file from your computer to your printer.

Nice to have, but not required:

  • USB keyboard. This will make entering information into your printer much more convenient.


Part 1 – Adding the Printer to the Control Center

Step #1 Sign into your NiceLabel Control Center

Step #2 – Click on the Printers Tab. Select Cloud Printers on the left and then click Add.

NiceLabel Control Center. Add printer button is highlighted.

Step #3 – Enter the Printer’s name. Remember the name for later use in the connection process. Avoid using spaces or special characters.

Step #4 – Select the printer model from the list.

Selecting the printer’s model.

Step #5 – The Control Center will generate a One-time connection key. Copy this number for use later in the connection process.

The One-time connection key will be used later in the connection process. Be sure to retain the number until the printer connection process is complete.

Step #6 – Click the link to download the NiceLabel Connector for your printer.

Download the helper app to complete the connection process from the printer.

Step #7 – When prompted, click Save.

Step #8 – The Control Center will open a dialog box. Click OK to continue.

The dialogue box advises that the connection process is not yet complete.

Your printer will appear in the Cloud Printers section with the status Pending Connection.

Newly added printer showing “Pending Connection” as status.

Part 2 – Connecting the Printer to Print Cloud

Step #9On your computer: Copy the NiceLabel Connector to the USB drive. It cannot be saved into a folder, but must be saved into the drive’s root.

Step #10On your printer:

  1. Insert the USB into your printer’s USB port and press ✓ to install the NiceLabel Connector. The printer will restart automatically once the installation is completed.
  2. Select Menu > 1. Configuration to open your printer’s configuration window.
    TIP: Connecting a USB keyboard to your printer will allow you to more easily enter the required information.
  3. Confirm the printer’s description.
  4. Enter your account name as shown in the Control Center.
    EXAMPLE: for, “companyname” is the account name.
  5. Enter the One-time connection key from Step #5 as the Password.
  6. Press ✓in the printer’s navigation menu to finish the connection process.

Step #11 – Your printer will display NiceLabel Connector – AVAILABLE. The Control Center will now show the printer’s status as Connected. Your printer is connected and ready to use.


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