Connecting to Excel File Requires Access Database (x32) driver – Windows Problem


Windows requires the correct drivers to allow an ODBC or OLE connection to an Excel database.


Connection cannot be established between Excel database and Windows.


If using Excel as a database, Windows requires the correct drivers to allow an ODBC or OLE connection.


Due to the variations with Microsoft Excel (versions and platform 32 or 64-bit) as well as operating systems, this can be a complex problem. Simply put, you need to match the database driver with the version of software you are using to access the Excel file as well as the version of the Excel file (xls, xlsx, etc.).

You need to know if the application you are running is 32-bit or 64-bit.  You may have to ask the software publisher.

Example: Excel 2016 (File/Account/Excel About)


If your version of Windows is 32-bit, then you can assume that your application is 32-bit. It is not true if Windows is 64-bit.

Next, you need to find out what version of Excel file you are trying to open – look at the file extension. With these two pieces of information you can go to the Microsoft website and locate an appropriate driver.

In the case of 32-bit application and XLSX file, the driver AccessDatabaseEngine.exe works.

Here is a link to Microsoft download:

Use AccessDatabaseEngine.exe for 32-bit version

Use AccessDatabaseEngine_X64.exe for 64-bit version


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