Connect to EBI Support Using GoToMeeting – EBI Support Instructions


This Instruction Article explains how to use GoToMeeting to connect to your EBI Support coach.


  1. When ready, email, call, or TextChat with EBI Support coach and request a meeting number
  2. Walk up the computer with the problem
  3. Click on the Windows button (bottom left corner of the screen for Windows 7 and 10)
  4. Enter the text “Internet Explorer” at the Windows prompt and press Enter to open IE
  5. In the URL field, enter “”
  6. The GoToMeeting webpage will prompt you for the meeting number (see step #1 above for meeting number), enter the meeting number…this will create a secure connection between you and your EBI Support coach
  7. Use the text chat feature of GoToMeeting to communicate with the EBI Support coach
  8. The EBI Support coach will likely need you to select the “Screen” tab and ask you to select the following options:
    • Start sharing my: [select screen to share]
    • Share keyboard & mouse with: [select your EBI Support coach]


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