Configuring Printronix T8304 to Verify Labels – Instructions

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Using an Online Data Validator (ODV) reduces the risk of chargebacks and other expenses due to improperly configured or printed barcodes. Follow these instructions for configuring a Printronix T8304 to verify labels and update a LABEL ARCHIVE / TEKLYNX CENTRAL database that the labels were printed and passed Online Data Validator inspection.


You will need to have:

  • LABEL ARCHIVE version 2019 and newer installed
  • CODESOFT version 2019 and newer installed
  • CODESOFT label creation tested and published to LABEL ARCHIVE
  • Label test-printed to Printronix T8304 to confirm basic functionality and printing capabilities


1. Configure the Printer Driver

a. In order to support XML, the printer will need to be configured in System > Printer Mgmt.

b. Set Mgmt Protocol to PXML

c. Set a valid Mgmt Port Number. The default is typically 3007.

2. Configure the Printer

a. Configure the printer in ODV-2D > Control Settings. Validator Active must be enabled.

b. Set Return Data to Data+Grade+Fail and Telemetry Data

c. Select Full Report

d. On the driver side, the main port must be sent to 9100, which is the same as the printer’s Network/Control/ASCII port

e. The IP address is the same as the on on the printer’s screen.

f. The PXML protocol port must use the same port as set in Mgmt Port in the Driver Configuration step. In step 1c, above, we used the default of 3007.

3. Check Integration

a. Within LABEL ARCHIVE, go to the label you created.

b. Under History, select Job Print Info to see the results of the barcode data capture and grading.

Additional Comments

Tested with Printronix T8304 ODV-2D printer.

If you need further assistance, please contact us.


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