Configure Windows Mobile Device (Falcon X3) to work with BACKTRACK – BACKTRACK Instruction Article


This article provides step by step configuration sequence for setting up a PDT to work with BACKTRACK. This article assumes that you are working with FALCON X3. In general, the procedure should work for most PDT.

Note: Not all USB ports are the same.

  • In most cases, PDT will only work with USB 2.0 ports. USB 3.0 ports can be identified by the blue color around the outside or inside the port. DO NOT USE USB 3.0 port with PDT.
  • If the PDT still does not connect to the computer when using USB 2.0 port, try a different USB port. In our tests, we found that a computer may recognize PDT on one port but not the other.



  1. Reset PDT to factory.  For Falcon X3
    1. Turn the unit off using POWER button
    2. Remove Battery
    3. While pressing the SCAN button in the front, use the attached stylus, press on the reset button in the battery compartment
    4. Release the SCAN button.  This button is on the keyboard – NOT THE SCANNER TRIGGER.
    5. Get ready to replace the battery – locate the 0, ESC and POWER buttons.  You will need to immediately press all 3 after replacing the battery
    6. If all goes well, you will be prompted to confirm CLEAN boot.  Press ENT.
  2. After the PDT successfully started – it may takes a few minutes
  3. Set the date and time on the PDT
  4. Go to Settings/Connections/USB to PC
  5. Un-check Enable advanced network functionality
  6. Place PDT in the cradle
On the computer:
  1. Make sure you have Windows Mobile Device Center (WMDC) installed
  2. Connect the PDT Cradle to a USB on the computer (try to avoid the USB 3.0 if possible)
  3. Start WDMC and wait for the PDT to be recognized by WDMC.  If it does not, remove PDT from the cradle and wait about 1 minute (windows is very slow to recognize that a device has been removed) before replacing PDT in the cradle.  Repeat this step as necessary.
  4. When WDMC recognized the PDT, setup the device (pairing) in the WMDC.  You can uncheck all the boxes on the sync option screen.
  5. To confirm that all is good, check the PDT screen for a “2 arrows pointing left and right”.  If you see that, the connection is established.
  6. You can now load the program from BACKTRACK to PDT using the normal method.
To download data from PDT back to PC:
  2. Start WMDC
  3. Place PDT in the cradle
  4. Wait for the connection to be established.  You may have to wait 1-2 minutes.  If it does not work, remove PDT from the cradle, wait 1 minute and replace PDT in the cradle.
  5. Confirm that you have good connection by checking the PDT screen for a  “2 arrows pointing left and right”.
  6. Start BACKTRACK
  7. You can now perform normal PDT function.

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