“Configuration File Was Created With a Different Product Level of NiceLabel” – NiceLabel Error

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When attempting to open a NiceLabel file, the program displays an error message stating that the “Configuration file was created with a different product level of NiceLabel.” The automation file will not load. Follow the instructions below to avoid this problem in the future.


NiceLabel has three levels: Easy, Pro and Enterprise. NiceLabel allows users to try out the software at any of those levels before buying. However, if the user downloaded the highest level – Enterprise – but went on to purchase Easy or Pro, any automation created using the trial software would not open when accessed by a lower product level.

The Enterprise level of NiceLabel includes the integration of SAP among other advanced feature sets. As a result, many people “test driving” the software prefer to download this top-level version even if they do not intend to purchase NiceLabel Automation at that level. However, even if the created automation does not use any of these advanced features, it cannot be opened by the lower tier versions of the application. As a result, the user must remake the automation file at the level of their current software.

Quick Fixes

As mentioned above, the user must recreate any existing automation created at a higher level than their current application. To avoid this issue in the future, the user can take advantage of a feature in NiceLabel that allows them to adjust the level of the software on the fly. NiceLabel allows users to “downgrade” the level that the program operates at on an as-needed basis. A user with a Pro license can operate NiceLabel at Pro or Easy level, for example. Keep in mind that a user with an Easy license cannot temporarily upgrade to Pro or Enterprise, nor can a Pro-level license holder move up to Enterprise without paying for the upgraded license.

Therefore, the best practice when creating an automation is to temporarily select the lowest level of the software that will allow you to used the features you need.

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