“Your computer is missing fonts or your printer has been changed…” – NiceLabel Error Message

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When opening a saved label design, the user received an error message in the Open document report. It read, “Your computer is missing fonts or your printer has been changed. The following fonts have not been found and have been set to Arial: OCR-B.” This article will explain what caused the error message, and how to fix the issue.

NiceLabel Open document report with “Missing fonts…” error message.


This message appears when opening a saved document. It is straightforward in indicating that the label design file includes text that calls for font which is unavailable on either the computer or the printer. Each computer must provide the fonts needed to print the label. The fonts can reside on the computer itself or use available fonts stored on the printer.

The missing fonts may be either Windows or Printer fonts:

  • Windows Fonts – These are installed on the computer. They may be included with programs like Word, or they may be loaded onto the computer separately. They are typically identified on the font list by “TT” (TrueType) or “OT” (OpenType).
  • Printer Fonts – These are stored on the printer. They are identified in the font list with a printer icon.
Font list showing both Windows and Printer Fonts

As the user opens the label design file, NiceLabel always checks for the printer model used when the file was last saved. If NiceLabel find that the printer model is missing from the computer, the program prompts the user to select a new printer in the Select Printer dialog.

Select Printer dialogue requiring the user to select a printer available to the workstation.

After that, NiceLabel checks both the printer’s onboard fonts and the Windows fonts for a match to the fonts used in the label design. If NiceLabel Design is unable to locate a font on either the computer or printer, it attempts to substitute the font with a similar one that is saved on the computer. An example would be substituting Arial for Helvetica or Times New Roman if it cannot find Garamond.

In the error message, “Arial: OCR-B” indicates that it will use Arial instead of the missing font OCR-B.

The “Your computer is missing fonts…” message is warning the user that it made the substitution. The user will need to make sure that this change will not affect the way the label looks or how it uses embedded printing features. As a note, printer features such as RTC (Real Time Clock) or serial counters, frequently rely on printer fonts.

Quick Fixes

In these situations, the user has two options:

  1. Accept the font substitution and print the label
  2. Install the missing font on the computer or printer as appropriate and then proceed with opening and printing the label

Additional Comments

Issue found with NiceLabel 10.

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