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The Physical function in BACKTRACK, run on a PDT, is designed to guide the user quickly through the process of verifying the location of items.  This article explains how the process works.


From the main menu on the PDT, select Physical.  The PDT will then prompt for User ID, then Location, then Barcode.  The cursor will stay in the Barcode field.  This allows the user to press the “Physical” button, scan another barcode, press Physical again, and repeat the process without having to reenter Location or User ID.  Pressing the Physical button commits the transaction to memory on the PDT.

When a change in location is required, the user can click on the screen in the Location field to update this value.  Once they do, the cursor focus goes back to Barcode and the process above can be repeated again.

The same situation is true for User ID.  If that changes, the screen scan be clicked into that field to make the change.  Location will remain and, after confirming the location, the screen goes back again to the initial Barcode -> Physical -> Barcode -> Physical sequence again.



Additional Comments

Tested Software, Hardware, and Operating Systems:
OS (PC): PDT with Windows Mobile, or CE 6.0 or higher
Application: Teklynx BACKTRACK 2012.00.03 or above


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