“CODESOFT [Version – Edition] Label Archive connection error : – Code : 8192 – Text : ‘(null)'” – Label Archive Error Message


This Error Message Article explains the Label Archive error message “CODESOFT [Version – Edition] Label Archive connection error : – Code : 8192 – Text : ‘(null)'” and details how to fix the underlying problem that caused it to appear.


The message is caused by incompatible user login / prompt settings in LABEL ARCHIVE and CLIENT.  It appeared when trying to connect CODESOFT to LABEL ARCHIVE (on a TC v4 instance) when the following settings were set:

  • LABEL ARCHIVE Server: Allow different user connection unchecked
  • LABEL ARCHIVE Client: Always prompt at login unchecked


Changing one or both of the settings above should resolve this error.

Additional Comments

Issue Found: on Windows, Label Archive 2012, Codesoft 2012, Teklynx Central v4.0

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