CODESOFT Prompts for License Activation When Using USB Key – CODESOFT Problem Article


User is prompted to activate the license for CODESOFT even though the USB license key is installed.


  • Receive prompt to activate the software despite the fact that the USB Key is installed
  • USB key light may or may not illuminate (see two scenarios below)


This rarely happens.  There are two known scenarios:

  1. USB Key Light Does NOT Illuminate
  2. USB Key Light Illuminates

USB Key Light Does NOT Illuminate

For unknown reasons, the USB key failed to be recognized by the computer. The correct driver (HASP driver) should be automatically downloaded by the Microsoft operating system when the USB key was first inserted. This may not be working properly or the OS is doing the update very slowly.

USB Key Light Illuminates

In this case, the driver is able to recognize the USB key (i.e. HASP driver is working). However, CODESOFT may still have a compatibility (e.g. wrong HASP driver version) or file corruption issue when trying to use the HASP driver.  CODESOFT, therefore, cannot see the license.


USB Key Light Fails to Illuminate

Try remove and reinsert the USB key.  Wait 10-15 seconds for the light on the USB key to illuminate.  If that does not work, reboot the PC. If the light still fails to illuminate, download and install the latest HASP driver from TEKLYNX.  Latest HASP Driver from TEKLYNX

USB Key Light Illuminates but CODESOFT still fails to see the license

Try installing the correct HASP driver from TEKLYNX. Latest HASP Driver from TEKLYNX

You can test to see if CODESOFT can recognize the HASP driver (with USB plugged in) by running the upgrade.exe application to see the Key Upgrade screen. Verify you can see:

  • Serial Number
  • Key
  • Product
Key Upgrade Screen
Key Upgrade Screen


If you already updated the driver but cannot see the fields mentioned above, you may need to remove the HASP driver and try reinstalling it.

If this fails, a component of the TEKLYNX software may be corrupted. Try reinstalling CODESOFT with the latest compatible version. Lasted version and release of CODESOFT

Additional Info

To test the USB key connection, enter “http://localhost:1947/_int_/devices.html” into your rowser. You should see a reference to the USB key on the page:


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