“CODESOFT Printing: [msg:208] Fail to print label…(Can’t find printer)” – SENTINEL Error Message

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This Error Message Article explains the SENTINEL error message “CODESOFT Printing: [msg:208] Fail to print label…(Can’t find printer)”. This article also details how to fix the underlying problem that caused it to appear.

SENTINEL Can’t find printer error message


SENTINEL cannot execute a print job as the CODESOFT print engine is not available to SENTINEL. In the case that triggered this article, the client had accidentally deleted the Windows Log On account for the Label Print Manager service.

Since the server had not been reset since the account was deleted, the service was still running. However, when SENTINEL tried to execute print jobs, it likely was using the Log On credentials for permissions to run and CODESOFT print engine. Without valid credentials, CODESOFT print engine did not respond. Thus the “Can’t find printer” error message appeared.

SENTINEL Label Print Manager Windows Service


The Label Print Manager service account must be given valid credentials to operate correctly (and allow SENTINEL to operate correctly). Either the account needs to be replaced or the Local System account needs to be used.

Additional Comments

Issue Found: SENTINEL v2018

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