“CODESOFT Printing: Fail to Process Label on Printer. Add Printer Not Completed” – SENTINEL Error Message

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This article explains the SENTINEL error message “CODESOFT Printing: [msg:208] Fail to process label on printer. ‘Add Printer – [Printer Name]’ not completed”. And, we provide directions on how to resolve the issue.

The SENTINEL error message showing the failure to add a printer.


This error occurred when a user tried to add a printer to SENTINEL. They were using a control variable command within the web services plugin. However, the web services command failed due to SENTINEL not being able to access the list of printers.


We identified the cause of the problem as being with the Print Spooler. Specifically, the Print Spooler was turned off and disabled. Once the Print Spool was set to “Automatic”, the “Add printer not completed…” error message disappeared.

Click on this link for instructions on how to set the Print Spooler to Automatic.

Additional Comments

Issue found in SENTINEL 2015

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