CODESOFT Datasource Queries Fail in Browser Interface – TEKLYNX CENTRAL Problem

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CODESOFT offers a Database Datasource option that can pull data into a label design. However, if the user add this label design to TEKLYNX CENTRAL, the browser-based user interface (BBUI) will fail to connect to the database. As a result, the tables referenced in the SQL statement will appear as When Printed variable fields. While it is not entirely clear why the Datasource queries fail, there is a workaround.

TELLYNX CENTRAL browser interface (BBUI) using a label design with Database Datasource.

Situation and Symptoms

  • TEKLYNX CENTRAL installed
  • Label design using the Database Datasource
  • In the Designer interface, the label pulls data from the Database Datasource correctly and the label prints as designed
  • However, in the BBUI, the label fails to connect and pull data from the database
  • The tables referenced in the Database Datasource SQL query appear in the Variables section of the BBUI as When Printed fields


The exact reason for the failure of the Database Datasource feature is not clear. It may have to do with the way in which the BBUI call activates the label design.

The Table lookup data source appears to work as expected. That executes the database connection and SQL execution selectively when the label is printed. The Database Datasource appears to pull data into the label design before the label is printed. This difference may explain why the Database Datasource fails.

Database Datasource query definition.


The recommended solution relies on NOT using the Database Datasource. Instead, the label designer should use simple queries in Table Lookup. If the complexity of the required query exceeds the capabilities of Table Lookup, TEKLYNX suggests creating a View on the SQL database. Then, use Table Lookup to pull from that View.


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