Code 1007 Internal Server Error – Teklynx Central Error Message

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This article explains the TEKLYNX CENTRAL error message “Code 1007 internal server error”.

Code 1007 internal service error message.

This article also contains the details on how to resolve this issue.


As can be seen, the full message reads:

Code: “1007”
Message: “Internal server error has occurred. Please contact the administrator”
Details: “Internal server error has occured. Check API logs on server side for details.”

This error message likely indicates a missing component of one of the suite of products that makes up the complete package.

In the incident that prompted this article, we found that the Label Print Manager server had stopped. Once the server was restarted the message disappeared when the website was refreshed.

Quick Fixes

Restart the missing TEKLYNX CENTRAL service. In this case, we restarted Label Print Manager.

Restart the missing/stopped component.

Additional Comments

Issue found in TEKLYNX CENTRAL v6 running on Windows Server 2016 IIS 7.

If you need further assistance, please contact us.


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