Clear Values or Reset / Restore Values in the Data Entry Form – CODESOFT Instruction Article


This Instruction Article explains how to clear data entry fields on the form after printing with CODESOFT


The Restore after printing feature returns the selected default value in a When Printed field.  If the value is left blank, this feature acts as a way to clear the field of data completely.  This feature works when using the CODESOFT designer to print and with the ClickPrint feature.

  1. Select the ‘Restore after printing’ check box
  2. Enter initial (default) value

Both items are found on the Input section of the Properties page for When Printed variable.  After the Restore after printing is selected, the data field to the right is illuminated allowed the user to enter the default value (blank if the field is to be cleared).

Note: Whatever data is entered into the Value field will be overwritten by what is put into the restore field (to the right of the Restore after printing checkbox).


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