Clear or Reset the System Password (if Password Lost) – BACKTRACK Instruction Article


This article provides instruction on how to clear the system password that was set in BACKTRACK.


BACKTRACK stores the system password in the BACKTRACK database. However, interestingly enough, it does not store the system password in the backup file. Therefore, as long as the user makes a complete backup for BACKTRACK, they can either directly remove it from the database (and the accompanying registry setting) using method #2 below or indirectly remove it by uninstalling and reinstalling BACKTRACK (to rewrite the database entry back to default – no password) and then restore the backup file as described in method #1 below.

Two methods:

  1. Uninstall and Reinstall BACKTRACK (easiest method overall but requires SQL credentials to reinstall)
  2. Modify BACKTRACK Database and Registry Settings (good for situations where you cannot uninstall and reinstall)

Uninstall and Reinstall BACKTRACK

  1. Do a full backup of BACKTRACK
  2. Uninstall BACKTRACK (using BACKTRACK installer)
  3. Reinstall BACKTRACK (using BACKTRACK installer)
  4. Restore BACKTRACK using backup file created in step #1

Modify BACKTRACK Database and Registry Settings

  1. Back up everything.
  2. Close the BACKTRACK application if it’s running.
  3. Connect to Database and delete all rows in the STRANSYS table of the COMMON databases (if it’s Access version – it’s located in the C:\ProgramData\Teklynx\BACKTRACK\Common\ folder).
  4. Open the computer registry and delete the registry key HKEY_CURRENT_USER\SOFTWARE\Teklynx\BACKTRACK\Config
  5. Start BACKTRACK application and set a new system password (if you still need it).

Additional Comments

Instructions Written on:
OS (PC): Windows 10, 8, 7
Application: BACKTRACK 2012, BACKTRACK 2015 (uninstall/reinstall procedure)


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