Clear Print Jobs from SATO S84XX Print Applicator – Instructions

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If a label print job accidentally gets sent to the printer rather than an intermediary program, it can be daunting to cancel the print job. Follow the instructions in this article to clear print jobs from a SATO S84XX print applicator.


You will use Line to move between menus and the left and right arrow buttons to navigate within a menu

  1. Start with the printer’s initial menu screen. The arrows in the below graphic show the flow between menus.
Flow chart of SATO menu screens
  1. From the Main Menu, press LINE to enter the Offline Mode menu.
  2. Press the Cancel button to open the Cancel Print Job menu.
This is a close-up of the upper left corner of the first graphic.
  1. Once in the Cancel Print Job menu, you have the option to cancel just the current print job, or cancel all print jobs. Navigate using the left and right arrow buttons.

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SATO S8412 User Manual (opens in new tab)

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