Changing Printer IP Address Uses Extra Printer License – NiceLabel Problem


This Problem Article explains the NiceLabel problem that occurs when changing an IP address on a printer causes NiceLabel to consume additional printer against the license.

Situation and Symptoms

  • IP Address changed on the printer
  • User updates the Windows Printer queue (see Printers and Scanners in Windows System Settings) with new the IP address
  • List of “Licensed Printers” in NiceLabel includes the same printer name TWICE (once for the original IP address and once for the new IP address
Licensed Printer list in NiceLabel


Windows print queues (Printers & scanners)

NiceLabel manages printer counts against a license by looking at the printers listed in Windows Printers & scanners. With multiple workstations, NiceLabel looks at ALL the printers on ALL the workstations. If print queues, listed in Windows Printers & scanners (across all workstations) reference the same driver name with the same IP address, NiceLabel counts this as ONE printer (not two).

NiceLabel also retains printer information for a unique print queue for one week. If the print queue is not used and the printer is not set to reserved, the printer will drop off the Licensed Printers list.


  1. Uncheck the box for both new and old printers in the NiceLabel License Printers list.
  2. Modify the Automation and the printer in the Set Printer action to something another printer, save, then change it back to the correct printer
  3. Reload the Automation in the Automation Manager

Additional Comments

More information about NiceLabel licensing at this link.

Issue Found: NiceLabel Automation v2019


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