Changing Media Dimensions Does Not Resize Label – Honeywell Printer Problem

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Whether first using a new Honeywell PM-series printer, or after having changed the media in the printer to a new size, changing the media dimensions using the Image Buffer does not resize the label. This applies both to attempting to change the media width and the media length. As a result, the label prints out with some fields cut off.

Situation and Symptoms

  • Print jobs are sent directly to the printer using Intermec Printer Language (IPL)
  • The printer’s Image Buffer shows an accurate preview of the label.
Example label preview in printer image buffer.
  • After changing Media Width value to reflect the smaller media, the Image Buffer crops the label rather than resizing it to fit.


The print job’s IPL is specifying a larger media. As a result, the Image Buffer will only crop the original label instead of scaling to fit.


The print job’s IPL must be re-written to specify the smaller dimensions of the media currently in the printer.

Additional Comments

Issue found with Honeywell PM42 and PM43 printers

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