Change the Database in BreadCrumbs – Instructions

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BreadCrumbs is not limited to using a single database, if needed, you can change the database in BreadCrumbs.


Make sure that both your current database as well as the new one you intend to use have accessible URLs. BreadCrumbs connects to a database via a WebService URL.


  1. Sign into BreadCrumbs.
  2. Navigate to the Settings (in the toolbar on the left of the screen).
  1. Locate the Web Service URL pull-down setting and select or enter the URL for the new database.
Example of changed database URL. The old URL is … while the new one is … values.
  1. Once your new URL is selected, click Save.
  2. BreadCrumbs will prompt you to restart the program. Sign back in after completing the restart and you will see the new database.

Additional Comments

Tested using Sentinel 2021 and CODESOFT 2021.

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