Change a Shared or Global Variable – CODESOFT Instructions

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This Instruction Article explains how to change a shared or global variable in CODESOFT.


  • The shared or global variable already exists
  • Default folder (e.g. Shared data sources) pointing to correct locations
Default Folder Tab in Configuration Screen (Tools/Configuration)


Step 1: Open CODESOFT

Step 2: Select Tools / Shared data sources management and select from the list of the data source type you want to edit. Options include:

  • Counters…
  • When Printed…
  • Advanced…
  • Lists…
Options for shared data sources

Step 3: Select the correct list (name on left side of screen) and then use the right side of the screen to add, edit, or delete data.

Shared list screen

Additional Comments

Tested Using: CODESOFT Enterprise v2018

Warning: Do not try to edit the files containing the shared information directly. CODESOFT attempts to prevent access to those files. We advise not trying to override those protections. Change a shared or global variable in CODESOFT to take advantage of the features found in the program as described above. You do not need to open a design file to make the change.


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