“Category Already Exists” – LABEL ARCHIVE Error Message

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A user attempting to save a file in LABEL ARCHIVE instead received an error message. The message read “Operation error Category ‘[Folder Name]’ already exists in category ‘[Parent Category Name]’”. The error message indicates that the database already includes an entry with the desired name, however the user had previously deleted that entry. This article will explain the situation that caused the Category Already Exists error message as well as how to resolve the underlying problem.

Category already exists error message in LABEL ARCHIVE


As the user had already deleted the entry with that name, the error message caused confusion. However, it indicates that the entry may still reside in the Categories table.

If the Delete documents and history permanently feature is not enabled, then deleting the folder does not actually remove it from the database. By default, this feature is not enabled. While LABEL ARCHIVE will mark the file for deletion from the database, the entry still remains. The error message triggers when attempting to read the Category.

Quick Fixes

Short Term FixGo into the Categories table in LABEL ARCHIVE and manually delete the entry for that folder. CAUTION! Deleting a folder with documents in it can cause you to lose access to those files! Also, this will permanently delete the folder with no recovery possible.

Long Term FixEnable the Delete documents and history permanently feature. As with the manual method, you will not be able to recover deleted folders and files.

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