“Cannot save data to file…file is not checked out.” – NiceLabel Designer Error Message

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This Error Message Article explains the cause when NiceLabel Designer cannot save data to a file. The software generates the error message “Cannot save data to file “http://[label file location]”. The server responded with an error. File is not checked out.” Despite what the error message stated, in this case, the file WAS checked out. This article also provides details on how to fix the underlying problem that caused it to appear.

Cannot save data to file error message


NiceLabel creates .dvv files to store variable information. A shared counter or serial number provides a good example. However, when securing the label designs in the LMS database, the old link to the outside file becomes invalid. Therefore, when the user tries to save an update to the .dvv design file, which is stored in the LMS database, NiceLabel cannot verify the old link. Although the .dvv file can be uploaded into the NiceLabel database, the link to the host NiceLabel file cannot be restored.

When saving the updated label design file, NiceLabel discovers the old link to the .dvv file no longer works. NiceLabel Designer incorrectly assumes the failure to update the design file stored in the database comes from the user not checking out the file. As a result, the user will likely find this error message misleading.


When using LMS, the user should avoid using external files for storing data related to the label. Instead, they should store dynamic data in a valid database.

In this case, NiceLabel offers a feature to facilitate this called “Global Variables.” In the Administration tab in the NiceLabel LMS Control Center, NiceLabel allows you to create shared / global variables. Once created, the label designs can reference them instead of an outside file.

NiceLabel LMS Global Variable Feature

To make this change in the label design, open the label with NiceLabel Designer and replace the Counter Variables that reference outside files with Global Counter variables. Check-in/Save the file once complete and approve if necessary.

Global Counter Function with the Name of the Global Variable (Created in NiceLabel LMS Control Center) “Global Counter” Circled.

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