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A user finds that they cannot run a NiceLabel product. Instead of launching the application, they are getting an error message “We cannot run…” This applies to NiceLabel Designer, NiceLabel Automation Builder, NiceLabel Automation Manager and NiceLabel Print. While frustrating, the situation is relatively easy to resolve as we explain below.

Examples of the cannot run NiceLabel product error messages.


These error messages have a common source. They appear when NiceLabel Proxy Service 2019 is not running. In the situation that lead to these errors, the credentials used to run the proxy service had diminished. As a result, they did not have sufficient permissions needed to run the service and therefore, the applications could not launch.

Quick Fix

Check the permissions and status of the login credentials. If they are insufficient, obtain valid credentials and use them to log in.

Additional Comments

Issue found: NiceLabel 2019

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