Cannot Rotate Document in NiceLabel Using Printer Driver Settings – Problem

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Some users need – or prefer – to control the orientation of the label on individual printers by rotating it in the NiceLabel printer drivers. This often has to do with the orientation of the printer and the package that it is applying the label to. Regardless of the reason, some users are finding that they cannot rotate the document in NiceLabel using the printer driver settings.


Rotating a document in NiceLabel using Document Properties, Paper and clicking the Rotated check box functions normally.

NiceLabel print dialogue window

However, attempting to rotate a document using the print driver settings by using Print, Printer Settings, Option Tab and then clicking the Rotate 180° check box does not work as expected. The label is not rotated 180°.

NiceLabel printer driver window with Advanced Printer Driver Interface


Users of NiceLabel printer drivers with the Advanced Printer Driver interface will need to make a tag modification in the NiceLabel configuration file.


  1. Back up the file located at localdrive:\ProgramData\NiceLabel\Nicelabel2019\productconfig
  2. Edit productconfig by adding the following tag within the <Common> delimiters:

  3. Save the changes
  4. Stop and restart the Windows service named NiceLabel Proxy Service 2019 to apply the changes

This tag will disable the print rotation in the NiceLabel Document Settings and allow the label to be rotated in the print driver settings.

NiceLabel print dialogue window with Rotation disabled.


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