Cannot Print Labels Using a Checked-out Label Design – TEKLYNX CENTRAL / LABEL ARCHIVE Problem

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LABEL ARCHIVE is a major component in TEKLYNX CENTRAL. By default, when CODESOFT checks out a document from LABEL ARCHIVE that document will be locked. No other user will be able to print or preview the checked-out label while it is locked. This article shows a couple of methods to sidestep this behavior.

Situation and Symptoms

  • A CODESOFT user (i.e. Label Designer) checks out a label design
  • Another user attempts to print the label (either from BBUI or Designer) but gets an error message


TEKLYNX CENTRAL / LABEL ARCHIVE is likely working as designed. In order to allow printing of a labels when the label design is checked out, you will either need to:

  • Change the default setting “Locked at Check Out” for the category containing the label design
  • Or, simply set the instance of CODESOFT checking out the label design to ‘Ready Only’


There are two potential methods to consider:

  1. Set CODESOFT (Designer) to “Ready-Only” Mode
  2. Deselect “Lock at Check Out” option in Categories on the LABEL ARCHIVE Server (Label Manager)

Method #1

Set CODESOFT to always open a document in Read-Only mode.  This setting will affect only the computer where this setting is made. 

  • In  CODESOFT, select Tools/Configuration
  • Check “Open documents as ‘Read-only’ mode by default”
  • Click OK
CODESOFT 2014 Configuration window.

Method #2

Set the LABEL ARCHIVE Server to always keep the documents unlocked when checked out. This setting is system-wide. It affects every computer using LABEL ARCHIVE.

  • Open LABEL ARCHIVE Server Administration
  • Login using a credential with administrative privilege
  • At the bottom of the Console Root, expand Documents. You will see CODESOFT
  • Select CODESOFT
  • On the right pane, uncheck the ‘Lock at Check Out’ box (highlighted, below)
  •  Repeat this same step for every sub folder under CODESOFT that you wish to use this feature.
  • Click Save button on the button bar under the menu
“Lock at Check Out” setting in the LABEL ARCHIVE Server Administration window.

Additional Comments

Issue Found: TEKLYNX CENTRAL v4.5

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