‘Cannot open database “COMMON” requested by the login.’ – BACKTRACK Error Message Article

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During a new BACKTRACK installation, you received the following error message;

Unable to connect to the database:
Cannot open database “COMMON” requested by the login. The login failed. 
Login failed for user ….
Press OK to try again or Cancel to exit program

Backtrack displaying a “COMMON” database error message.


In this incident, the installer selected Windows authentication during the SQL portion of the installation process. As a result, the user cannot log into BACKTRACK because they do not have proper permissions. Typically, we recommend that a common user “SQL user” be used for BACKTRACK authentication in order to streamline the authorization process.


If you select Windows authentication, then each of the users of the BACKTRACK application will need to be granted rights on an individual basis. This authentication takes place in the SQL server. Each user is given permissions to read and update the BACKTRACK databases. In addition, you may also need to grant permissions to create new databases.


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