‘Cannot import data due to invalid table filter definition…’ – NiceLabel Cloud API Error Message

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An incident occurred that caused NiceLabel to generate the error message “Cannot import data due to invalid table filter definition…” This article will describe the conditions under which it occurred as well as the solution to resolve the issue.

Error message generated by NiceLabel

The error occurred with the following setup for a NiceLabel solution (combination of label and form):

  1. Contains the label to be printed.
  2. Uses the database (MS SQL) residing in the NiceLabel Cloud. The filter on the database included the use of the “LIKE” condition.
Filter tab on the Solution window.
  1. In first print window, NiceLabel uses the Database Table to present the user with a selection of records from a table in the database. The user selects one record from the table and the program. The solution will then switch to 2nd print window.
First print window showing the database table.
  1. The second print window will load another Database Table with the record selected from the first print window using Select Table Row with ‘row number’. It uses Events during the form load. The error occurred at this step.
The second print window.


At present, the exact cause for this error is unknown. It is speculated that it has to do with the fact that the database is opened for Read-Write even though NiceLabel solution does not have any operation that updates the database. As more is discovered, this article will be updated.


The workaround for this error is to set the Database Table on the second Print Window to “Read-Only”. The “Cannot import data…” error message did not recur after that.

Database Properties window with the Read-Only box checked.

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