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Users trying to print from NiceLabel Cloud’s dashboard cannot generate a preview of the file. The warning Preview not available will appear instead of an image. And, if they attempt to print the file anyways, it generates an error.

The error message reads This label cannot be printed from browser. Print this label using your NiceLabel desktop applications.

Situation and Symptoms

  • Certain user access roles have been modified within the NiceLabel Cloud dashboard. Typically, this occurs in environments where each user has the minimum permissions needed to work within NiceLabel Cloud
  • Some files will preview and print normally, while other files cannot display a preview.


In NiceLabel Cloud, there is an access role called Cloud Integrator. This access role is used in the background of NiceLabel to generate the previews and print jobs. If the Document Permissions have been reduced to the minimal level, then it will no longer be able to access these label files.


To resolve this issue, reset the permissions of Cloud Integrator  to the default permissions.

  1. Within the Cloud environment, go to the Users tab.
  2. Click Access Roles.
  3. Locate the Cloud Integrator role.
  1. Go to Custom Document Permissions.
    • Ensure that every folder and subfolder contains the correct default permissions.
    • Do this by clicking the check box of a folder and then clicking on Reset to Default.
  1. Once all permissions have been reset, click on Save at the upper right of the window to save these settings.

To test the changes:

  1. Go to any label design that was affected.
  2. Check in the file.
  3. Check out the file.

This will reset the permissions to those settings you just made on the Cloud Integrator account. Clicking on the file will now show a preview.

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