Cannot Edit Draft Label in CODESOFT – TEKLYNX CENTRAL Problem

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CODESOFT, LABEL ARCHIVE and TEKLYNX CENTRAL are all installed and running on the same server. Normally, when a user launches CODESOFT and checks out a label from LABEL ARCHIVE, they should be able to edit it. However, in this instance they cannot edit the draft label.


After opening CODESOFT and checking out the label from LABEL ARCHIVE, all menu options for editing are grayed out and cannot be used. Template and field properties cannot be opened. The checked-out file is read only.


Normally, CODESOFT is installed as part of TEKLYNX CENTRAL on the same server. However, CODESOFT can also be installed on a workstation remote from TEKLYNX CENTRAL and licensed to the original installation. What can happen is that copying or editing the configuration files can lead to them having incorrect information. When this happens, CODESOFT cannot find the correct connection and license information. The result is a UMSS connection issue where the software is unclear which USER management should be used.

Some examples of how these errors occur:

  • The CODESOFT configuration files on the remote workstation were copied from the TEKLYNX CENTRAL server.
  • The CODESOFT configuration files were copied from remote workstation to TEKLYNX CENTRAL server.
  • CODESOFT’s configuration files were edited.


You will need to edit two files on the remote workstation.

FILE 1C:\ProgramData\Teklynx\CODESOFT\CS.ini

Below Usermngr-., add two lines:

and, at the bottom of CS.ini, add:

NOTE: replace <MYSERVERNAME> with the name of your TEKLYNX CENTRAL server’s name.

FILE 2C:\ProgramData\TKI\TkxSrv\TkxSvrUmss.config

Also on your remote workstation, this file needs to be edited. Replace <MYSERVERNAME> with the name of your TEKLYNX CENTRAL server’s name.

Also check the CS.ini file on your TEKLYNX CENTRAL server. If you see the four lines you added to its counterpart on the remote worskstation, you will need to remove them.

Additional Comments

Issue found with: TEKLYNX CENTRAL 7 and previous versions, CODESOFT 2022 and previous versions

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