Cannot Access Printer List in SENTINEL CODESOFT Printing Plug-In – SENTINEL Problem

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SENTINEL appears to be missing printers and ports. However, print jobs sent to the “missing printers” still work and function normally. We noticed that the Print Spooler service was stopped. This prevented SENTINEL from being able to access the printer list in that file.

CODESOFT printing plug-in screen showing that it cannot access the printer list.
SENTINEL’s CODESOFT Printing Plug-In doesn’t show available printers and does not see printers to add.

Situation and Symptoms

  • User is running SENTINEL 2015.
  • Web Services will not allow the Add Printer function.
  • The printing functions of the “missing” printers still work normally.
  • The Printer list and Ports do not appear when opening the CODESOFT Printing Plug-In
  • CODESOFT’s Printing Plug-In shows “License for 0 printers, 0 selected” at the bottom of the screen.


CODESOFT needs to access a specific XML file in order to perform certain functions. This file is C:\Users\Public\Public Documents\Teklynx\SENTINEL\tkxcs.xml. However, the stopped Print Spooler services blocks access. In this case, the print spooler was not only stopped, but set to “Disable” as well. A recent Windows update may be the cause.

SENTINEL screen showing the essential tkxcs file so it can access the printer list, among other things
CODESOFT needs to be able to access this file in order to perform certain functions.


The solution to allowing access to the printer list is straightforward. Setting the Print Spooler back to Automatic and then starting it resolves this issue. The Printer and Ports list repopulates and functions such as “Add Printer” work again.

The Print Spooler has been reactivated and set to Automatic
The Printer Spooler has been set to Automatic.

Additional Comments

Issue found in SENTINEL 2015

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