“A Call to Windows API Failed” – NiceLabel Error

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When attempting to print a label in NiceLabel for the first time, the user instead get an error message reading, “A call to Windows API…. failed”. This article explains the cause and how to resolve the issue.


The error occurs when there is a call to a Windows API function.

This error appears to happen when using a transferred and/or imported NiceLabel solution (combination of both a label and a form) from another source. Differences in print driver settings or document settings between the creator of the solution and the new user will cause an unexpected driver state when NiceLabel attempts to communicate with a printer through the installed driver.


Install label printer device drivers first. Delete the labels from the solution file and then re-import the labels.

To do this in NiceLabel Designer, click File, followed by Import and then select the labels to re-import.

Additional Comments

Issue found with NiceLabel 10.1.

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