“[App Name] Invalid operation. The connection is closed.” – BACKTRACK Error Message


This article explains the BACKTRACK error message “[BACKTRACK App Name] Invalid operation. The connection is closed.” and details how to fix the underlying problem that caused it to appear.


This appears to be a generic error message indicating that the BACKTRACK application code has failed to execute a command. We have seen this appear in the following circumstances:

  • Adding a new User Defined Field in the User Database
  • Expanding the number of characters in a User Defined Field
  • Attempting to attach a Relation to a User Defined Field


The exact problem and cause is unclear from the error message. However, we have found that closing the BACKTRACK application, restarting it, and attempting to make the change again usually avoids the error message.

Additional Comments

Hardware & Software Found On:
Windows, BACKTRACK v2012.0.3


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