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BreadCrumbs relies on Microsoft’s Internet Information Services (IIS) to operate. If IIS is not correctly installed, users will get the BreadCrumbs server error message “HTTP Error 50019 – Internal Server Error”. This article will guide you in how to resolve this problem


The cause of this error is that the IIS Web Core is unable to run. The config file it uses passed invalid configuration data. As a result, the BreadCrumbs server will not work.

In the incident that prompted this article, the technician inadvertently installed .NET 7.0.2 before installing IIS. This creates problems because the .NET installer will not add components, such as dll files, nor will it update certain config files if IIS was not already installed. An expanded explanation can be found here.

Specifically, we discovered the problem when testing BreadCrumbs by entering “[BreadCrumbsServerName]/api/values” into a browser window. Doing so caused BreadCrumbs to discover some critical .NET 7.0.2 dll files were missing, including:

  • AspNetCore.dll
  • AspNetCoreV2.dll

Additionally, BreadCrumbs missed the corresponding entries in the applicationHost.config file including:

  • <add name=”AspNetCoreModuleV2″ image=”%ProgramFiles%\IIS\Asp.Net Core Module\V2\aspnetcorev2.dll” /> …located in <globalmodules> section
  • <add name=”AspNetCoreModule” /> …located in <modules> section
  • <section name=”aspNetCore” overrideModeDefault=”Allow” /> …located in <sectionGroup name=”system.webServer”> section

Quick Fixes

We recommend that the installer should run a repair of .NET 7.0.2.

If that does not work, then attempt to uninstall and reinstall .NET 7.0.2

Additional Comments

Issue found: BreadCrumbs Pre-Release on Windows 11.

If you need further assistance, please contact us.


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