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At launch, BreadCrumbs attempts to connect to the server. If it cannot do so, it generates the error message, “Connection Failed  Web service: GetConfiguredApplications   Error: An error occurred while sending the request… A connection with the server could not be established.” This article explains the issue and how to resolve it.


The error indicates that the BreadCrumbs client cannot contact the BreadCrumbs server. BreadCrumbs attempts to connect to GetConfiguredApplications immediately. If it cannot do so, it usually means that the server is non-operational or unreachable.

Non-Operational – The client may be able to connect, but the server is not working correctly and is unable to respond.

Unreachable – The server may still work, but the client cannot find it.


There are a series of tests with related solutions:

TEST 1: Non-Operational

First, test to see if the server is operational.

  1. Log onto the server.
  2. Open a browser window.
  3. Enter “[ServerName or IP address]/api/values” in the URL field.

The server should return [“Webservice is running – “,”[BreadCrumbs Configurations]”].

If you don’t get the message above, your focus should be on fixing the server.

If you do get the message then the BreadCrumbs server is working. Your next step is to see if the server is unreachable.

TEST 2: Unreachable

Run the same test from your computer. If this fails, there may be a connection issue between your workstation and the server. Work to resolve this issue before moving forward. Firewalls and anti-virus software often block connections.

TEST 3: Operational and Reachable, but Still Generating Error

First, check that you’ve typed the Web Service URL correctly.

At this point, if you are still getting the error message and you are running the BreadCrumbs client on the same computer as the BreadCrumbs server, you might be getting a loopback error. You can resolve this by opening a CMD prompt as Adminisatrator and entering the following command:

CheckNetIsolation.exe LoopbackExempt -a -n=Sigo-BreadCrumbs_qgejqz6vmynv0

Additional Comments

Issue found: BreadCrumbs Pre-Release

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