“Integration’s Failure Action Could Not Execute…” – BarTender Error

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The error message “The integration’s failure action could not execute because the input data file…” is a generic type error in BarTender. Because it is a generic error message, there are a number of potential causes. This article offers a brief summary as well as a link to a detailed troubleshooting process that should help you find the source of the issue.

The error appearing in the BarTender Administration Console
A closeup of the entire error message.


Because it is a generic error, there are a lot of things that could prompt this error message. In the case of the error message shown above, it is a file name issue. More on that in a minute.

In order to find the cause, the best practice is to troubleshoot the issue to find the cause, and therefore, the solution. Seagull Scientific offers this troubleshooting guide.

In the case that prompted this article, restarting the BarTender Integration Service resolved the issue causing the error message. This is not the recommended “go to” method to use instead of troubleshooting. Rather, after spending time working through the issue with the client, we found other issues which were external to the software. In particular, the server was unable to successfully receive drop files. Windows stored the .txt drop files as .tmp. Once the server was restarted, all of the issues were resolved.

Additional Comments

Issue found with BarTender 2016.

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