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When building a GS1 Barcode using label fields, a user finds that the GS1 Wizard cannot use variables. Specifically, these variables are Named Data Sources with application identifiers (AIs). The New Data Source option won’t allow the use of variables either. In addition to GS1 barcodes, any barcode with an AI is unable to use a variable.

Situation and Symptoms

  1. Create a GS1 barcode in Bartender.
  2. Click on the label to place the barcode.
  3. Right-click on the barcode and select Properties.
  4. Delete any sample data under Data Sources.
  5. Start the GS1 Data Source Wizard.
  6. Select Application Identifier 01 (GTIN).
  1. For the GTIN value, we will want to use the Batch No. variable used on the label.

However, the Named Data Source is not an option for the application identifier. And, when using the other option, New Data Source, there are no AI fields available.


Simply put, the GS1 Data Source Wizard does not allow Named Data Sources to be used with application identifiers.


Fortunately, this issue is easily resolved. Instead of using the Wizard, click on the New Data Source.

  • Add AI values as embedded text fields.
  • Add Named Data Sources after AI text fields.
  • Continue to alternate text AIs and Named Data Sources for the barcode definition.

Additional Comments

Tested using Bartender 2022.

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