“BarTender: Error Message #3721 BarTender cannot use printer…”- BarTender Error Message


This Error Message Article explains the BarTender error message “BarTender: Error Message #3721 BarTender cannot use printer…” and details how to fix the underlying problem that caused it to appear.


There are several possible reasons:

  1. The printer is not turned on or is off line. Try printing a test page from Windows.
  2. The printer does not exist on your system or network.
  3. Security settings prevent access to the printer.
  4. If you use network for printing, there may be a problem with the network connection or the printer driver.
  5. There may not be enough memory available. Try closing files and programs you aren’t using.
  6. The printer driver is installed incorrectly. Try reinstalling the printer driver.


Work through the list above to troubleshoot the cause.

Additional Comments

Issue Found: BarTender v10.1


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