“BarTender: Error Message #3201 – An object on the template was set in the Data Source dialog to read in the field “[Data Source Name]”. However, this field was not found. Proceed with unknown fields as blank strings?” – BarTender Error Message


This article explains the BarTender error message “BarTender: Error Message #3201” and details how to fix the underlying problem that caused it to appear.


BarTender cannot find the specified data source as specified in the label design.  The most likely cause is that data source (database or text file) have been moved or missing.  We see this frequently when label design is moved from development to production or test system.


Make sure that the database is where it is supposed to be.  In the case where the environment is changed (move from dev to test or production), you can specify new data source in the label template.

In the database setup, go to Connection Properties:

Select the Configure Connection button to make the necessary configuration changes:

Additional Comments

Issue Found On: Windows 8, BarTender v10

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