“BarTender: Error Message #2622 Permission Denied…” – BarTender Error Message


This Error Message Article explains the BarTender error message “BarTender: Error Message #2622 Permission Deined User: FMEDICAL\cgb  Action: Adiminister  Application: BarTender  BarTender’s security policy does not allow the specified user to preform this action.” and details how to fix the underlying problem that caused it to appear.


This message indicates the BarTender Security is preventing the user from performing an action that is not allowed for the user’s security role in BarTender. In this case, the users was trying to access the License Setup… option in the Administer menu.


To avoid the error message:

  • A user belonging to a security group with sufficient permissions must log in to perform the action
  • The user security group must be updated to one that possess the rights required
  • The security feature needs to be disabled entirely

Additional Info

Error message found on Windows 10, BarTender v2016


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