Barcode Disappears During Label Preview and Label Print Using Browser Interface – TEKLYNX CENTRAL Problem


This article applies to TEKLYNX CENTRAL, and explains why the barcode disappears during preview and print, and how to correct the problem.


The barcode value embedded in the label design is visible using the Designer Interface but disappears in the Browser Print User Interface when doing a print preview or actual print.


In the case that prompted this article, the value passed to the variable that was to be printed as a barcode was invalid, violating the basic rules of the particular barcode symbology. The barcode did not support it.

This was made obvious by opening the label design in the Label Designer and making the default value in the data source the invalid value. The image of the barcode value in the designer showed a problem as did the print preview in the Designer.


Changing the default value to a value that is valid for the barcode value resolved the issue immediately.

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