Backup a SQL Database to a File – SQL Server Instruction Article


This Instruction Article explains how to create a database backup file from a SQL database server.


  1. Open the instance of SQL with the database
  2. On the left hand navigation (in Object Explorer), find the database name
  3. Right click on the database name and select: Tasks>Backup
  4. Verify the database name is correct under “Source”
  5. Select the “Options” page in the left hand navigation
  6. Select the best option under “Overwrite media”:
    • Backup to existing media set if you already have a backup file – normally the recommend approach
    • Backup to a new media set, and erase all existing backup sets – good option if you are saving over a backup file from a different version of SQL
  7. Select OK to start backup

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Additional Comments

Instructions Written Using:

  • OS: Windows 8
  • Application: SQL Management Studio 2008R2


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