Create a Backup – BACKTRACK Instructions

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This Instruction Article explains how to perform data backup for BACKTRACK.


As with any other computer data, having a backup is absolutely critical. Fortunately, the process to create backups is straightforward and can be done within BACTRACK itself.

  1. Click on Database Maintenance in the Main Menu.
    Asset Management Window within BACKTRACK
  2. Select Transfer Functions.
  3. Click on Backup
  4. When prompted, enter the name and location where you wish to save the backup file. By default, the name of the file will be “BT” + month and date. You can change the filename and the location by clicking on Browse button. We recommend saving the files to a location that is easy to remember and access.
    Backup window showing backup file destination.
  5. Click OK  
  6. You may enter any note for the backup when prompted. The note can be any backup specific information or similar. Make sure to select all three of the check-boxes and click OK.
  7. You will see a message that the backup has been created successfully when the backup is completed.
    Popup confirming that backup file has been successfully saved.


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