BACKTRACK Advanced Report is Unreadable in Both Editor and Preview – BACKTRACK Problem Article


Reports in BACKTRACK appear strange on the Advanced Designer.  In preview mode, the report may look garbled (layers of unreadable text overlap each other).  This problem may have been caused by improper printer setup.

Situation and Symptoms

  • When using the Advanced Designer to edit a report, the screen does not appear to have the report definition correctly laid out.  No error messages.
  • When previewing the report, the data appears to be overlapping and not readable. No error messages.


This issue was caused by improper report page definition.  In the example above, the paper definition for the report was set at 0.1″ x 0.1″.  This setting could have been inadvertently changed by having the printer for the report set to label printer (has narrow width).  Having label printer set as default printer can do this


Correct the paper definition for the report at File/Page Setup.. by adjusting the paper size and orientation.



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