BACKTRACK Migration Issue – Duplicate Security Groups – BACKTRACK Problem


This article explains a BACKTRACK problem that complicates migration by creating duplicate records, and details how to resolve the issue.


Duplicate records appear for each security group.


In migrations from older BACKTRACK versions, (v6 or earlier) we often see duplicate records created for each Security Group in BACKTRACK. This will trigger errors every time BACKTRACK needs to access the user information.


The duplicates need to be removed. Since this duplicate is a duplication of the key field (Security Group name), SQL Management Studio IS NOT an effective way to remove it.

A better approach is to create two new groups (e.g. Administrator1 and Everyone1) and then delete the old groups (e.g. Administrator and Everyone). When the old ones are deleted, this will force BACKTRACK to move all the users assigned to the old Security Group to the new one.

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