“License exceeded maximum count of one (1)” – BACKTRACK Error Message


This Error Message Article explains the BACKTRACK error message “License exceed maximum count of one (1)” and details how to fix the underlying problem that caused it to appear.


In network environment, the message appears when the BACKTRACK client is started.  The system has 5 user licenses and only one other user is online.

This problem started when a user left the organization or the password was changed. His/her account was used as a login account for the TeklynxLicense Service service. When the login account was changed to the ‘Local System’ the error occurred.  Apparently the Local System account does not have proper rights required for the service.


When we switched the login account to another account with similar access, everything worked again. In the end, we setup a new local account with Administration privileges and use it as a login account for the service.

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