“BACKTRACK 2012 Installer Information – The setup was unable to automatically close all requested applications….” – BACKTRACK Error Message


This Error Message Article explains the BACKTRACK error message “BACKTRACK 2012 Installer Information  The setup was unable to automatically close all requested applications…” and details how to fix the underlying problem that caused it to appear.


BACKTRACK installer is unable to close some files during an install or uninstall process.  It indicates that there are applications that use some of the components BACKTRACK that are still open and, therefore, have some of the resources locked.


It may be difficult to determine which processes or programs are holding the resource(s).  In some cases, simply wait a few minutes and try the install/uninstall again.  This may give the process or program sufficient time to close out all the resources.  If that did not work, a restart the computer will usually take care of this as all programs will be closed.

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Error Found On:
Windows, Backtrack 2012


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