Automated Scheduled Backup Setup – BACKTRACK Instruction Article


This article shows how to use the task scheduler function in BACKTRACK 2012 to perform automated backups


1. In BACKTRACK 2012, navigate to ‘Task Scheduler’: Main menu > Database maintenance > Administration functions > Task scheduler.

2. Select ‘Add’ to create a new task.

3. For ‘Process’: select Function

4. For ‘Select Function to Perform’: select Backup

5. Input frequency and desired time/date

6. Select how the backup is to be performed:

  • The ‘Specific’ function: Since this function can be uniquely named, it means that the software will overwrite the backup’s file name, with the same characters that was specified during input.
  • The ‘Default’ function: This function creates a backup file (BT+today’s date) into a default folder; C:\Users > (Name of current user that is logged in under Windows) > My documents > Teklynx > BACKTRACK > Backup
  • The ‘Specify when run’ function: This function will prompt the user to manually input the name and location where the backup will be stored. The prompt will remain open until a user fills in the information and starts the backup.

7. Select OK to complete the setup

Note: In order for the task schedule to function, BACKTRAK has to be running.

Additional Comments

Instructions Written Using:
OS (PC): Windows XP, 7, 8, Server 2008 R2, Server 2012
Application: BACKTRACK 2012


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