“Authentication error – User…is not valid for login at address” – NiceLabel Label Cloud Error Message

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This Error Message Article explains the NiceLabel Label Cloud error message “Authentication error User “[user name]” is not valid for login at address “[website address of label cloud account]”. You can try to sign in using a different account.” This article also details how to fix the underlying problem that caused it to appear.


When accessing the NiceLabel Label Cloud, NiceLabel requires the user to authenticate via Microsoft or Google authentication first. Once successfully authenticated by MS or Google, NiceLabel then attempts to match the user ID with an existing user setup in the cloud.

This message indicates the cloud account (in the case above “https://efficientbi.onnicelabel.com”) does not have a user ID that matches the user ID just authenticated by MS or Google.


An administrator on the cloud account needs to add the user with a matching user ID (typically an email address) to the cloud account BEFORE that user attempts to login.

Once the administrator creates an account, you should see an email from NiceLabel. It will look like this:

Additional Comments

Issue Found: NiceLabel Label Cloud v1

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